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Women are like Videos.

Listen, this isn't how I think. I actually tend to get along better with girls than I do with guys. This is just a feeble attempt to match caffinemonkey's "Men Are Like Computers" gag.......which can be found here .

They get wound up with use.

They take ages to wind down.

They're so easy to play.

Most are only good for looking at.

They're a lot friendlier than other people.

When something goes wrong, you have to pay to get it fixed.

You have to treat them with care or they'll get really messed up.

They can get really clingy and refuse to come out.

They look great at first glance.

They could be a horror.

Worse, they could be a romantic.

Things can get so predictable.

They're addictive.

The more cash you've got, the more you can get at one time.

Your nights would be a lot more boring without them.

They make you laugh, they make you cry.

The good ones are full of surprises.

So are the bad ones.


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