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It's all about me....

Me & My own

Name: David Thomas Molloy...unfortunately....

Usually called: Well, in school, Molly...I don't actually mind that, but by friends, Dave.


Birthday: 26th October.

Star Sign: Scorpio! I'm a lethal weapon!

Chinese Sign: The Tiger! Another deadly predator...da-DA, da-DA.....

Height:5 ' 9....why can't I be 6' 0?

Family: Mammy, Daddy, annoying little brother, annoying little sister, and big sister ("big" meaning older- not, as I always remind her, taller).

Status: Well, poor me is stuck alone......

Favourite Colour:Blue, and I like black, too.

Yahoo! Identities:dave_da_rave2001 (which I never use), masterviviorniter, and salmasar_the_wizard....

MSN messanger: mastervivi_ornitier.......just made for my other site, I don't usually use MSN.

Stuff I Like (or don't)

Interests: Well, html obviously; I'm trying (and failing) to learn programming languages; competitive, fast sports, like rugby (I hate watching most sports); gaming ; chatting on the net ; music, although I can't stand the stuff in fashion now....i.e. heavy / new metal, and freak shows like Slipknot ; drawing, although with my talent it's more like doodling ; and writing, I love writing. That's why I have this site- for my own enjoyment more than anyone else's.

Things I hate: do you stop spelling that? ; my bed that creaks whenever I make a tiny movement ; my little brother's constant knocks on my bedroom door ; the way your friends always comment on the slightest thing you do wrong ; spots ; cutting myself when shaving ; human nature (in general...more bad than good) ; politicians, with a few exceptions ; the way other guys assume when you do something with a girl it means something ; the way my pc crashes if I make any sudden movements ; people who badmouth something they've never done, or know nothing about ; a parent's special skill to, after a disagreement in which you were convinced you were right, make you feel wrong ; plenty of other things I can't fit here.

Favourite Book:Bit of a draw, there....The Discworld series and Lord of The Rings.

Favourite Movie: The Matrix! Absoulutely Brilliant!! I like the Star Wars ones and Twister, too...

updated: Lord of The Rings is brilliant.

Favourite Movie Scene: In the Matrix, where he walks through the metal detector, then opens his coat, the guard says "Holy shi-" and then they blow half the lower building away with shotguns, uzis, etc..

Favourite Snack: Other than chocolate? What I'm eating as I type this...tortilla chips & dip!

Spare time spent: Well, I read a lot now, and frankly that's depressing. Like I said before, I like writing, so I puch out webpages when I have time. And, of course, there's the age-old art of hanging around with your mates.

School & Work

Fav school or science....I guess.

Least Fav subject: It was maths, but now Irish since the change of teachers (anyone outisde Ireland, be very glad you do not do this subject).

Class: Higher Level in every subject so far....

Acheivements:Best in class two years running....which is strange because I don't think I am.....and winning a national critique (probably didn't spell that right) award.

First Job: My first (and only) job was working with my dad one year...I didn't like it much, though (well, obviously, I'm a teenager and I had to get up early to go with him).

Current Job: I haven't got one.

Goals: Oh, you know, the usual....all A's in my end of school exam, a nice scholarship and a job that pays well with little effort.


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