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Why Rugby is so Great

Note to clueless Americans:
Rugby is a bit like American Football, only you can't pass forward and you don't have six inches of padded armour.

Ok, ready for a rant? Rugby KICKS ASS. Simple. Soccer is good fun, basketball requires skill, but Rugby is the king. You get 15 people on each side, throw a ball in the middle, and leave them to cream each other. Perfection. A player falls, and the ball is up for grabs? Rip the oppositon off it and take it yourself. Something goes wrong? Line up 8 guys (or girls, but unfortunately few play) on each side and whoever shoves harder, wins. A test of strength, speed, stamina and technique.

We were talking about sports in school, and a friend of mine thinks that golf is better than Rugby. Golf. Golf!? Yeah, sure, it's fun if you go for a round with some friends, but I mean, come on. And he thinks Chess is a sport, too. It's a game. There's a difference there, or I'm a small cabbage.

And it's a brilliant spectator sport, too. One team is slowly gaining ground up the pitch, against the wind....a player gets pulled down in a tackle, 3 men shove the opposition off, the scrum half goes in- and like lightning, the ball flies out to the wing, where the last man receives the ball and shoots up the field, dodging players left right and center! And unless you're supporting the defenders, it feels fantastic to watch it happen.

Anyhow, that's it. Rugby is so cool. Really. If you read down this far, well done.


- 08/feb/02


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