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This is just a list of friends and net people I know....I've got space to fill :)

If I've left you out, annoy relentlessly until you're put here, hokay?

HEY!!!! :

Tallo: We get along fine by slagging each other most of the time.

Eoin: Grins a shifty eyes, too....

Conor: The butt of jokes, but he's good fun.

Paddy: Don't be fooled by his good record. He just hasn't been caught yet.

Schilachi: As Paddy, only more sinister. And more italian-looking.

Dia: Um......he's

Dermot:This!!!! Ahahaha!

Rachel: Kinda bubbly, but smart and great fun as well.

Piers: Not shy, but doesn't like the spotlight, if you know what I mean.

Kieran: Just laugh at him!! Ahahaha! (He begged to be put on here) Only joking :)

Internet People

Charli: Webmistress of Final Fantasy Heaven. Sorry, haven't got anything else to say!

Jo: She's mad, but so am I, so that's okay.

Web_Wytch: This guy knows Javascript. Very helpful.

Aeris_the _last_ancient: Haven't seen her for awhile. Last I heard, she was studying witchcraft....

melbrown: Number-crunching RPG maker. Good at it, too.....

dragonromsarah: The plot justification godess. All hail.

jojofowler_uk: Maybe one day we'll actually have a normal chat.....naw, prob not.

ook_ook_uk: An ape. More or less. Erm. Not sure what she's really like, actually!

Sin: Off her head. Signs all text messages with "Luv in bubbles".


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