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How to Write An Article

a sample article

A Rundown of an article.

The Image Above Shows:

1: The Title. This bit's tricky, since you're expected to write something informative and/or witty before you've written anything else.

2: The first few lines. These are usually rewritten, rubbed/crossed out, scrawled over or similar, while you're trying to remember all those great ideas you had a moment ago.

3: The main bit, where all the good stuff is. This is where I usually end up putting the most actual content, 'coz it's the part where I've sorted out what I'm actually talking about.

4:Misdirection. At around this point the author tends to lose grasp of the subject, and starts nattering on about trees and the preservation qualities of tiger's saliva, instead of world peace. Daft if you ask me. Actually, I think.... <long rant about how beavers are really aliens edited out> .....

5:"The Last Bit". Says it all, really. A little summary or prattle about whatever tosh the guy (or gal)'s been writing about for the last 10 minutes.

The white Space & Margin:

These great areas are the most important part of a hand-written article. Nothing's more impressive than those special little doodles, those 5-second tags, and of course, those memorable ' KT -Luvs- JD' ballons. For some reason, teachers tend not to appreciate this as much as me. Hmm.

This didn't help at all!!!

Of course it didn't!!!! You're reading an article by someone who's writing about how to write an article! The person's clearly mad, and will probably go on to write "Complex Reading for Beginners." If you want to actual be able to write, look all over the web, at some examples. I warn you though; you get influenced by things you read. I've read lots of things that no-one else bothers with, and look what happened to me!!!!! ^ ^; o_O :) :(

All right, then.....a few decent tips.....

Have a beginning.

When writing for a web site or competition, keep it relaxed and easy reading. No-one wants to read your article if it's like a newspaper (unless it actually is a newspaper).

Use paragraphs and, if it's a how-to or instruction article, break it into sections.

"Use quotes....they're the mark of good research."

Have a middle.

In schoolwork, for god's sake get your spelling and grammar right.

Never, ever, ever use clichés (look up your dictionary if you don't know what they are).

Know when to give up and finish it off.

Have an ending.



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