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Internet Freedom

You're reading this through a web browser. You've probably checked your e-mail. Maybe you're chatting with friends over a messenger. Well, guees what? You might be being spied on. If you're paranoid already, turn away now. The facy is, the internet is in danger of becoming less than the liberal international network it is today. This is BAD! People in some countries have dissapeared for saying things over the internet that are against their government. Because the governments of the world can watch your every move over the net. This isn't right! It's violating your rights, too- you have the right to privacy, as stated in the international declaration of human rights. But they (the gov) don't want that.

Take this as an example. The FBI won't help people who are victims of hackers unless they've caused $5,000 of damage, but many organisations are condemning a new browser made by Cult Dead Cow (not actually a cult, they're elite hackers) called Peekabooty which protects you from spies! How hypocritical! They're willing to ban stuff so they can watch us, but won't help us when we're in need. Obviously, I'm not going to name any names (other than the FBI, but they're already known to do this kinda thing..aliens, too), but I think this is unfair.

The internet is a place where it doesn't matter your age, gender, apperance, or nationality- just your mind. It's one step towards Martin Luther King's dream, and the ideal world- sure, there are malicious hackers, but there are also people willing to defend us from them. Do you really want a net censored by officials, where we can't voice our opinions, or criticise governing bodies? I intend to resist this, if it ever comes to it, and I think most online people will- and I expect you to. If you've got experience in computer science, become a hacktivist! If you're not in that league, spread the word! Come on!
The net needs you!

Disclaimer (Don't Sue Me Plea)

I just used 'the government' because it's soooo vague, and the fact is that a lot of the censorship is now being done by corporations.....for example, Network Assocciates closed down the channel which allows you to see who it is you're dealing with....I don't know why, but they did. So, please Mr. Government Executive Sir, don't sue me!!!!


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