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Surreal Fantasy
A Final Fantasy website built by yours truly.

If Looks Could Kill
Good old Jo, aka caffinemonkey, has got one hell of a site here. Which is a bit weird, because it's all trash, but somehow really interesting. Hmmm.

The Spark
This site is a junk site at its best. One of the highlights are the Tests....automated tests that tell you about yourself based on some simple answers.

Side 7
Artist Gallery! This site wil give you a gallery to store your artwork in. If you don't want to use up your own webspace, and attract more visitors, this si the place. Totally free, and has facilities to converse with other artists.

This is a kick-ass anime (japanese cartoon style) site. Has artwork and VERY good tutorials. If you want to draw in Japanese style (e.g., DragonballZ, Final Fantasy, Cardcaptors) this is the best place I've found.

Very cool anime site. I learnt to draw Anime from here, too.


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