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What's the problem with people?

You know when you're with your friends, and you say something, and then they all laugh at you? And you don't see anything wrong with what you said? Why do people do that? This rant's just about people, human nature, and acting the ass. I'm qualified to talk about all three.

The big one that's getting to me is the boy-girl thing. When you do something with someone of the opposite sex, people start thinking you're going out. It's like we've all got this little space in our heads that we use for calculations like "boy + girl = dating". The fact that when guys and girls hang out together a lot it's likely that at least one of them likes another's beside the point. Okay, so maybe it's got a lot to do with the point, but when this guy fancies this girl and hasn't told her yet, then it's because he doesn't want her to know. Maybe he's shy, he's afraid he'll screw it up, he knows she's not interested, or he doesn't have a hope in hell. Then his mates pick up that he's been around this girl a lot, and start mouthing off about it. At the risk of getting an angry phone call, here's one: On the flight to London, I was sitting beside Rachel. I turned around to see who was behind me (who shall remain nameless) and he started making nodding motions towards Rachel with a big grin on his face. I suppose I can't blame him, but you get the idea. And then when I got back, and was going to the Wez (a dance) with Rach & Piers, my family started with it.....and my friends.....
And I don't like this because I get along better with girls than I do with guys, for the most part. Don't think that means I'm a ladies' man.......hah! I've got about as much confidence when it comes to women as a chicken has when it comes to a cleaver. Not much of a problem at the mo, since most of the girls around where I live are...well....witches, or one letter off.

And then we come on to the one I opened with- your friends. The people you can trust. The people you can rely on. The people who, if you make one slip up, slag you about it for the next few years. Me and my best friend are always at it, but we don't really mean it....we both do it, so it balances out. But there's one guy I know and he's an ass. He goes around slagging people, especially me, and I don't know where to begin with him. I could easily cripple him with a few words, but they'd be too close to home, if you follow. So I have to put up with his stupid insults and his awful laugh. And there's another guy, too that I haven't seen in a while who does much the same...I can't stand these people. There's also one last guy, who I won't mention for old times' sake, who used to be my best friend for years, but then found other people he liked and slagged me in front of them to make himself look better...but ditching him was a good move, because in the last few years he's really changed and no-one likes him except for his tiny secluded group. Sigh.

Well, glad I got that off my chest.



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