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This is a page for my Neopet, Dakarichi the Shoyru. I still haven't got the hang of Neopets, so he's still on Level 1, but hey...I'm a busy person!!

Dakarichi the Shoyru

Dakarichi the Shoyru

Dakarichi is very smart and pretty strong. Unfortunatley, he's pretty slow, and doesn't know any skills!

I haven't got the hang of Neopets....especially gathering Neopoints. I think the best way is to play games....but I blew my first 500NP on food. Erk! I think I've got a shop....

You know, I just noticed that both Daka and this site are the same colour- which is weird, since I've had Daka before I made this, and didn't even think of it at the time.....(this is out of date since version2 of the site...)

I'm not too sure what he would be like in the battledome.....I've never fought. That's because I can't get a Lu Codestone for the training school! Grr.....